Springfield Studio

Pilates classes in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to Springfield Studio located in Chipperfield, near you and run by Debbie Bennett - certified Stott Pilates instructor for nearly 16 years. Debbie specialises in common orthopaedic conditions, stretch therapy and sport specific pilates, as well as anti-natal. All classes are mat-based using a wide range of pilates equipment.

Springfield Studio's pilates classes take place in a friendly,
... comfortable environment. Thus ensuring you feel relaxed during your class. Debbie will help you strengthen your core, improve flexibility and overcome postural issues. Allowing you to move more freely giving you longer leaner muscles, improved circulation and increased energy levels.

Classes are booked as a course of normally 10 or 12 weeks. Debbie also offer one to one pilates. The first hour long session includes a full postural analysis with a specific homecare programme tailored to your needs.

For a more challenging workout, equipment is used such as the circle, swiss ball, bosu, foam roller, weighted toning balls or dynabands. The classes are structured and vary week to week.

Contact Debbie today to find out more. She looks forward to you joining one of our Pilates classes or embarking on a course of individual tuition.
Insured By: Fitpro

Insured By: Fitpro
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